Wedding During the Covid-19

It was a wedding during Covid.
It was a special and awesome wedding, thanks for letting J’s Wedding Cafe be a part of your special day!!
Planning weddings during COVID is difficult for everyone, the planner and the couples. Everything was uncertain until the day…
For over months of communications, we were discussing a lot through WhatsApp, phone, and video meetings, almost every item we come up with a plan B.
Can’t believe the day we first met in person was the day of their wedding.
Wish you two happily ever after ♥️

Here are some tips for couples who are planning their weddings during pandemic:

As couples are facing the COVID-19 pandemic globally, taking the right actions and navigating this ever-evolving scenario is proving to be challenging for many. Remember that you’re not alone right now. Many couples have been impacted, countless weddings have been postponed and cancelled, and we know it’s a challenging time for so many impacted by this pandemic.

If you got engaged during the pandemic, you might feel overwhelmed by the thought of starting to plan a wedding from home. Trust us, there’s still plenty that can be accomplished at home and via video chat. In fact, vendors are now adapting their business to help couples get started on planning their dream day on line.

If you decide to proceed with your original date, we encourage couples marrying into 2021 to limit the size of their weddings and consider moving the ceremony and reception outdoors. 

If you plan to proceed with your wedding in the months ahead, primary factors to consider are largely centered around the safety of you and your loved ones. Have hand sanitizing stations around the venue, provide masks and gift hand sanitizers at each place setting. 

Couples who now want to postpone through 2022 are encouraged to keep planning; while others should consider weekday weddings. The reason for this suggestion is straightforward: the majority of your chosen vendors will be available on a Monday over, say, a Saturday. 

Of couples that got married in 2021, a third of them are planning another celebration. So if you’re looking to become legal spouses sooner rather than later, we love the idea of hosting a socially-distanced minimony now, and continuing to plan a larger wedding for the future.

Planning is still happening—in fact, more than 50% of couples have booked or hired a vendor since the onset of the pandemic. There’s no doubt that as you’re planning a wedding amid COVID, having an expert by your side can be a huge help. Vendors were understanding of the unique situation and accommodating to new requests or updates.

You are not alone, our teams are making daily decisions through the lens of how to best keep our couples, employees and partners safe and healthy. So, as you’re planning your wedding during the Covid-19, know that we’re here for you. Because love most certainly isn’t canceled, and that includes the joyful journey of planning your wedding.

Wedding During Covid
Planner: J’s Event & Wedding Planner
Photog: Bliss Impressions Photography

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